St. Marys Little Theatre (SMLT) is producing six live showings of Jekyll & Hyde The Musical just in time for Halloween.

According to SMLT chair and co-director of the show Barbara Ryan Harris, early sellouts are expected as people are making Halloween plans earlier and earlier.

“We’ve been inundated with questions about our October entertainment schedule,” said Ryan Harris.

“For years, we’ve been trying to produce this amazing show and were fortunate to obtain the rights just in time for our 2023 season opener,” she said.

Co-director Gloria Hurley said the show is one of SMLT’s most ambitious ever.

“With a cast and crew of 40 people, we have brought together a stunning performance,” Hurley said. “The voices are extraordinary and the action is fast paced.”

Hurley said that those familiar with the story of Jekyll and Hyde will know that it’s not a show for very young kids.

The story is based on the premise that every person has two sides—a good side and a dark side. Unfortunately, while trying to develop a formula to help his mentally ill father, Dr. Jekyll tests his formula on himself and ultimately loses control of how and when his dark side emerges resulting in several murders.

“Jekyll and Hyde is truly an ‘edge of your seat’ show but it has many lighter moments that will have the audience cackling as well,” said Hurley.

Jekyll and Hyde performances are October 13,14,20, and 21 at 7 pm and October 15 and 22 at 2 pm at Theater by the Trax in St. Marys. Tickets are $20, and groups of ten or more get a discount. Tickets can be purchased online at www.stmaryslittletheatre.com or in downtown St. Marys at Once Upon a Bookseller. Call or text 954-290-9873  for more info.

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