St. Marys Little Theatre Presents Steel Magnolias

steel magnolias

Tickets for St. Marys Little Theatre’s “Steel Magnolias” are now on sale, and producers predict an early sell-out.

“We’ve added a sixth performance to meet the demand,” said Barbara Ryan, co-director and chair of St. Marys Little Theatre (SMLT). “Already, we’re seeing women gathering as groups to see the show. This is the ultimate ‘Girls Night Out’ experience.”

Ryan said men would enjoy the show as well and maybe come away with just a little better understanding of what makes women tick.

It’s been called hilarious and heartwarming, and as a movie won Golden Globe Awards for Julia Roberts and Sally Fields. Six SMLT actresses each epitomize the definition of a “steel magnolia”—a woman who possesses the strength of steel and the gentleness of a magnolia—in the theatre group’s last show of the season.

“The show is a celebration of life in the south that takes you on a roller coaster ride through laughter and tears,” Ryan said. “It’s a laugh-getting, tear-jerking classic that explores the best moments and the worst moments of these six southern women.”

The story takes place in a small Louisiana parrish circa 1980s at a beauty salon owned by the irrepressible Truvy—(think Dolly Parton). Robert Harley wrote the story based on his own sister’s life and death.

“So many of the scenes in ‘Steel Magnolias’ will ring true to our audiences,” said Co-director Maynard. “Both men and women will relate to how these ladies meet challenges head on while dropping comedic one-liners that will have people rolling in the aisles.”

The universal theme of “love and loss” is woven throughout the performance, according to the directors. But even in the most tragic of moments, it is the humor that drives these “steel magnolias” into a bond of friendship and community.
Tickets are now on sale for “Steel Magnolias” at Once Upon a Bookseller in downtown St. Marys (cash or check please), or online at

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. Groups of ten or more get a $2 discount per ticket. Performances are April 20, 21, 27 and 28 at 7 pm and April 22 and 29 at 2 pm at Theatre by the Trax in St. Marys. Call 912-729-1103 for more information.

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